Top 10 Best 4 Hole Kitchen Faucets in 2022

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There are a number of Kitchen Faucet Types available in the market. Selecting the right kind of kitchen faucet depends on the existing plumbing pattern to a fair extent. The thing will seem harder when you look at the various faucet pattern and different sink designs.

Experts in the trade advise looking at the kitchen sink first. It will help you determine the number of pre-drilled faucet mounting holes. From this, you will start to become aware of the existence of holes in faucets and their importance. It will help you with buying a new faucet too.

Best 4 Hole Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucets possess a certain number of mounting holes that impart a perfect package to them. For a 4 hole Kitchen Faucet, three holes are used in the spout and two handles. The fourth hole may be used for keeping soap dispensers or side sprays.

5 Best 4 Hole Kitchen Faucets 2022

1. Kohler K-560-VS Bellera Kitchen Faucet
2. Delta 16970-SSSD-DST Kate 4 Hole Faucet
3. Pfister Wheaton Kitchen Faucet
4. Moen 87028SRS Edwyn Spot Kitchen Faucet
5. APPASO Commercial 4 Hole Kitchen Faucet

List of Top 5 Best 4 Hole Kitchen Faucets

Here we have listed the 5 Best 4-Hole Kitchen Faucets based on Reviews, Brands, Prices, Ratings, and user experience.

Best faucet Warranty Best faucet Warranty
Top 10 Best 4 Hole Kitchen Faucets in 2022
Kohler K-560-VS Bellera
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Item Weight: 4.3 Pounds
  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Stainless Steel
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Best Basic Tap Set Best Basic Tap Set
Top 10 Best 4 Hole Kitchen Faucets in 2022
Delta 16970-SSSD-DST
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Item Weight: 2.1 Pounds
  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Matte Black
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Best for Budget Best for Budget
Top 10 Best 4 Hole Kitchen Faucets in 2022
Pfister Wheaton Kitchen Faucet
  • Number of Handles: 2
  • Flow Rate: 4 GPM
  • Spout Height: 5.1 IN
  • Finish: Polished Chrome
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Best Looking Faucet Best Looking Faucet
Top 10 Best 4 Hole Kitchen Faucets in 2022
Moen 87028SRS Edwyn Spot
  • Number of Handles: 2
  • Flow Rate: 4 GPM
  • Spout Height: 7.2 IN
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Compact Design Compact Design
Top 10 Best 4 Hole Kitchen Faucets in 2022
APPASO Commercial Faucet
  • Number of Handles: 2
  • Item Weight: 5.45 Pounds
  • Spout Height:  7.2 IN
  • Finish: Venetian Bronze
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What is a 4-hole Kitchen Faucet?

Both the 3-hole and 4-hole Kitchen Faucets represent traditional appearance. In fact, the first three holes play a central role in holding the faucet unit. The fourth one is an added bonus. In most cases, the fourth hole constitutes a soap dispenser, side sprays, or likewise.

There is discrimination too. While the 3-hole faucets allow for traditional handles and spout, the 4-hole Kitchen Faucet provides an additional feature. Users adapt the feature in parity with their specific needs.

Choosing the feature again depends on usability. Several manufacturers offer sprayer faucets. Gentle washing of fruit and vegetables can be done with such a feature.

Kitchens to serve a lot of recipes prefer a soap dispenser as an additional inclusion. It helps them practice excellent food hygiene.

How to choose a 4-hole Kitchen Faucets?

Choosing Kitchen Faucets is a very strenuous task. You have to consider a lot of factors like  Price, ratings, and Brands before buying 4-hole kitchen sink faucets. Here we have mentioned some of the most important factors that you need to take into account before buying 4-hole kitchen faucet brushed nickel for your kitchen.

Choose the Location

Decide the type of faucet you want. It may be a sink-mount, deck-mount, or wall-mount product. We would recommend the wall-mounted pieces. These are best for single basin sinks. These kinds of sinks are normally seen in the premise kitchen. However, for community kitchens, deck-mounted faucets will be the best option.

Know the Sink

Before you go to find the 4-hole kitchen faucet for your kitchen, make the assurance that it really adapts to the product, Different types of products show various appearances. One-hole faucets will present a simpler look; the introduction of the second will offer an additional option and so on. Know more about the 4 hole sink faucet before going out to buy a piece.

Right Arc

Large pots and pans under a low spout will bring a tremor for you; high-line spouts may hinder the window view. Therefore, measure the arc of the kitchen rightly before moving ahead.

4 hole kitchen faucets with higher arcs will provide additional spaces above the sinking plane. It will help you get more workspaces too. Standard families seek to go for middle arcs.

Right Sprayer

Get the best idea about your exact needs while you are going to choose the spray functions. Pulldown faucets are best if you look for extended reach. On the other hand, pulling out four-hole kitchen faucets help the process of gripping. Side spray kitchen faucets are available too.

Style Approach

The sink is the centerpiece of attraction in a kitchen. The 4 hole kitchen faucets, in particular, speak more. Therefore, you will have to notch the symbolic mark in the kitchen. Knowledge about the kitchen pattern will help you to bring the best faucets for your kitchen.


After finishing off with the spoken style, the concluding part is to look for the product finish. Various types of finishes are available for 4-hole kitchen faucet products. These include matte black, chrome, bronze, and a lot of others.

Experienced people favor purchasing chrome finish products. From experience, they can tell that chrome offers the best finish and steady durability too. Maintenance is easy too.

Installation Guide For 4 Hole Kitchen Faucets

Installation of a new 4-hole kitchen faucet starts with the removal of the old one. The tools used for the purpose include an adjustable wrench and a basin wrench. Experts recommend that two persons should handle the work.

In the removal part, the most challenging part is dealing with rusty nuts. Different types of solutions are available in the market to loosen such nuts.

The entire process comprises the following steps:

  • Turning off the water valves followed by turning off the faucet to verify.
  • Under-sink spaces will have to be cleared.
  • Keep a towel or bucket for the deposition of water and residue.
  • Nuts are loosened with the adjustable wrench for the water lines.
  • A-Basin wrench is used to loosen the nuts at shanks
  • These nuts are completely unscrewed.

Installation of New 4 Hole Kitchen Faucet

Tools required: An adjustable wrench, a basin wrench, thread tape, possibly putty or silicone caulk. Two persons will serve the requirement.

In case you are putting out the faucet in its place, the use of putty or caulk may be under question. But both will serve with equal amplitude. Putty and caulk will help to cater to the fourth hole.

The device is installed with a cover plate and the caulk will provide additional sealing power.

4 Hole Kitchen Faucet Replacement

Removing Shutoff Valves

Before purchasing a new 4-hole kitchen faucet oil rubbed bronze make sure that there is a shutoff valve under the sink. Such a sink feeds the faucet and helps to increase its capacity. You will have to add these pieces if already exhausted. If the pieces are there, confirm that these are in working order. These resist the dripping of the faucets.

The Supply Tubes

Before the replacement of the existing delta 4-hole kitchen faucet, you will have to install new supply tubes too. Stainless steel tubes are the best option for the service. These assure burst-free services for an elongated period.

Basin Wrench

Purchase a new Basin Wrench also; it helps in removing and installing hard-to-reach fasteners. Such fasteners clamp the older faucet assemblies to the sink. Wrench jaws will help to loosen the clamps in the older product and re-install the new ones.

Buying Guide for 4 Hole Kitchen Faucets

At the time of choosing the best 4-hole kitchen faucet, adhere to the following principles:

  • You need to match the faucet with the number of mounting holes. In case you are not changing the original sink, you must tally your possession and check whether you require a base plate or cover for the extra hole.
  • Decide whether you will go for a straighter version that is a bit inexpensive or a Gooseneck variety. The latter one swings enough to reach the entire sink and is thus a preferred option.
  • Installation and repair: Replacement is sometimes better as the faucet is installed at the sink. It can also be placed on the countertop before placing the sink in the right position

Try to take a word from the dealer about the replacement services for free within the warranty period.

Wrapping It Up

Has the thought of dripping water ever haunted you? Such thinking reflects your mental stature. A simple calculation about the water wastage with a single drip a second is enough to make you crazy.

A rough estimation has accounted for more than 10000 gallons of wastage on average in a year. It could serve around 270 counts of laundry washes.

A properly installed 4-hole kitchen faucet will serve in reducing such wastage. The additional faucet hole will give you comfort and relaxation over sink usage too.

Best Faucet Reviews

Below are all our buying guides for the kitchen faucets. To make your experience a bit smoother, we have organized them in one place. Feel free to browse through a few and find exactly what you’re looking for.
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