Best Faucet Brands: In a house, the decoration of the kitchen is an essential part. Some people regard the kitchen as the family powerhouse because it serves the maximum purpose. Owners usually think of purchasing sink faucets that will add beauty to the kitchen. Besides, they also serve practically every purpose in the kitchen. The durable products hold a mark that lets them stand out.

Best Faucet Brands

In this article, you will come to know about the top brands that sell the best kitchen faucets. They are excellent in terms of their performance.

Top 5 High-End Kitchen & Bathroom Faucet Brands:

1.Moen – Best Faucet Brand For High-End Consumers
2. Delta – Our Highest Rated Overall Brand
3. Kohler – Favorite Designer Faucet Brand
4. Kraus – Best For Commercial Style Faucets
5. Pfister – Brand With Widest Selection

Top Kitchen Faucet By Brand & Model:

Best Faucet Brands For Kitchens & Bathrooms In 2021
DELTA Pull Down Faucet
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Flow Rate: 1.8 GPM
  • Material: Metal
  • Finish: Arctic Stainless
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Best Faucet Brands For Kitchens & Bathrooms In 2021
KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice Faucet
  • Number of Holes: 1
  • Flow Rate: 1.5 GPM
  • Material: Metal
  • Finish: Stainless
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Best Faucet Brands For Kitchens & Bathrooms In 2021
Moen 7594SRS Arbor Faucet
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Flow Rate: 1.5 GPM
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Stainless
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Best Faucet Brands For Kitchens & Bathrooms In 2021
Kraus KPF-1610SS Faucet
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Flow Rate: 1.8 GPM
  • Material:  Brass
  • Finish: Stainless Steel
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Best Faucet Brands For Kitchens & Bathrooms In 2021
Pfister G13310SS Faucet
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Flow Rate: 2.2 GPM
  • Material:  Stainless steel
  • Color: Stainless Steel
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Best Faucet Brands For Kitchens & Bathrooms In 2021
American Standard Faucet
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Flow Rate: 2.2 GPM
  • Material:  Stainless-Steel
  • Color: Stainless Steel
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What makes a good Kitchen Faucet Brand?

When you are choosing to remodel or upgrade your kitchen, you will surely look for the latest top-notch hardware and tough finish. In this regard, everyone will look for faucets that are not vulnerable to corrosion, leaking, or dripping. Only the high-end selling brands will give you a lifetime warranty with the forces.

They are pretty reliable in terms of their performance. Now the question is what makes a good kitchen faucet selling brand.

  • First of all, a brand that will be transparent in terms of its services is the best choice. You can focus on their product’s pros and cons, specifications, features, finishes, and then the budget.
  • They will also sell the most popular styles that are a combination of the spray head and spout.
  • You will get flexibility and convenience in terms of their products. With them, you can rest assured that the number of mounting holes matches the faucet.
  • The quality-selling brands will deliver different spouts, styles, and shapes. They will give compact and inexpensive offers. Besides, some of them will also come as bottleneck models that have higher clearance. Most probably, there are chances of getting every style that will have a good faucet head.
  • Some topmost selling brands will also give you installation and repair services. They have their own team of experts who will inspect the space and install the faucet. These experts also guarantee that once installed, the faucets are not was able to the king anymore.

My 10 Best Faucet Brands For Kitchen & Bathroom! (In no particular order)

1. Delta

delta faucets

Over the years, there had been severe competitions. However, now the scenario is such that Delta has won many competitions and is considered among the top faucet brands these days.

The customer reviews and export reports suggest that Delta is scoring high enough for satisfied customers in terms of its faucets and the technologies used in them.

The design and product quality is a standard one that definitely satisfies the customers. The brand makes use of the touch2o technology that allows turning the water on or off with just a tap.

Over the years, the brand has excelled in giving a number of satisfactory products and solutions. It also covers the high-end kitchen faucets and finishes that have a lifetime limited warranty.

For homeowners, this is a reliable brand. You will also get repairs or replacements. Most of the forces come with 1 or 3 holes 8-inch installation. They have Delta magnetite spray parts that will snap precisely into space.

The availability of the High arc spout swivels will give complete access to the sink. The touch clean spray holes will also make mineral build-up easy for removal.

The company also focuses on the establishment of quality kitchen faucets that represent the standard industrial mark.

The European standards make them the leading faucets. These faucets find enough importance in the residential and commercial areas. The products are all driven by innovation long-lasting value and useful features.

Delta also developed Touch2O®, MagnaTite® Docking, and H2Okinetic®.

Let’s see what Touch2O® technology is:

2. Moen

moen faucets

This is a Tier 1 faucet brand that builds high-quality kitchen faucets. They are well regarded and provide a noticeable faucet that will last over the years. The company drives innovations for fulfilling the demands of the clients.

The technologies are enough to make them the favorite kitchen faucets. Moen is the first brand to apply motion sensor technology to kitchen faucets. So, you will get an introduction to a completely touchless experience when you buy these faucets.

There is promising hands-free control and accurate activation when you buy these faucets. The unique collections of the faucets from this brand will have the look and feel of the modern kitchen.

They are also favored in terms of the Descent customer service. There are no complaints when it comes to Moen. Homeowners love this product because they get a lifetime Limited warranty on the kitchen faucets.

The start was made in 1939 when Moen first discovered the single-hand faucet holes and cold water mix. In this way, the brand gradually stepped towards creating leading bathroom products. Most of the faucets come with a Chrome finish that creates a bright and reflective look. The modern looks and styles along with the sturdiness sure that you will get noticeable results. When compared to some competitive models, the height clearance bulkheads do not create splashing of water.

There are hydraulic installation systems in faucets that allow the addition of the water lines with the snap together. You will also get a fast and easy installation. The population of the United States and Europe usually select the Moen faucets because. They come with high-quality material. The kitchen faucets will adhere to the quality that makes more in a one-stop-shopping home improvement destination.

3. Kohler

kohler faucets

When it comes to the kitchen renovation for setting up the new plumbing system, no one will forget the name of Kohler. Over the decades Kohler is gaining popularity in terms of the insight it provides into the needs of the homeowners.

You will get enough flexibility in terms of the functionality and appearance of these kitchen faucets. Consumers like these Kohler standard faucets because they make use of the new luxury Technologies.

The simplicity of the Kohler drives innovation into them. The favorable line of the kitchen faucets will offer powerful swivel spray for cleaning the tableware and sink.

There is also magnetic Docking with the light braided hose and joint sprayers. People like these kitchen faucets because they offer elegance and a lifetime limited warranty. The streamlined designs and flexible functionality of these faucets make Kohler a high-end brand that will meet the needs and modern touch of customers. The aesthetic designs in the faucets come along with the modern series. The simple single hole type of the pull-down kitchen faucets are very favorable for the customers. They are constructed with premium metals that resist corrosion at every level.

The faucet heads are also reliable in terms of switching from streaming to spraying. The swing spout rotation system of 360 degrees also makes these faucets an expert stylish option. The single control one-hole drilling options make these faucets easy to operate. You will also get slow and pause function everywhere it this possible to stand the mineral build-up.

4. Pfister

pfister faucets

This is the brand name that passes from consumers to consumers. Since 1910, the brand has been performing pretty well in terms of its plumbing plans. When you open the website of this company, you will see that it specializes in laboratory equipment.

The kitchen category it has been offering for the visitors to become the major focus for their attention. The kitchen faucets are based on luxury Technologies. They also focus on the basic experience of the experts who design this faucet.

The integrated filtration system in these faucets controls the handle and affects the customized spout height.

Homeowners love these faucets because they are exceptionally economical and range across the collections of the company.

The touch-free Pfister faucets have high-quality features and practicality. They become a crucial part of household kitchens.

The overall convenience you will get in terms of the traditional designs, as well as practical translational designs, makes them stand out. They are leak-free and a fancy option to match your kitchen needs.

The manufacturers also believe in delivering breathtaking overall design. They are suitable in terms of the modern type designs and become a choice for all the plumbing plans.

There is a flawless finish with easy maintenance. The faucets are exceptionally economical that extends to the brand collections.

5. Kraus

kraus faucets

Though not very familiar, yet Kraus is solar building its reputation in terms of sturdiness. It is recently there making plenty of faucets that you will find on the Amazon Store.

The high-end innovations and its utility Technology let it stand out. Most of the faucets come with the Full Metal build and the ability to satisfy the standard uses of the customers. The low price faucets come with outstanding innovations that make them a piece of utility and longevity.

Customers will get a lifetime limited warranty on these faucets. The brand is gaining acknowledgment due to the different selection of aesthetically appealing faucets. People recommend these faucets because they have the ability to hold up with the standard usage.

They fall within the affordable range. So, most of these models are applicable to both residential and commercial kitchens. The only downside is that the installation of the fossils is a bit challenging.

5. Grohe

grohe faucets

The German company Grohe delivers faucets that are likely to please you in an optimum manner. The brand provides outstanding kitchen fittings and a range of innovative faucets. There is every aspect that you can find in the faucets.  This brand sells the best quality. They focus on quality, design, technology, and sustainability.

Experts like the models because they deliver unmatched quality, elegance, and innovation. Though there is a downside that the models are quite expensive, yet the reputation is restored to the quality. Grohe is the part of the Japanese Lixil group since 2014. The leading sanitary manufacturer in the USA is now making the eye-catching design of kitchen appliances to take its innovation to the next level.

You will get around 300 designs of the faucets. When you choose to buy its faucets, they make use of Grohe’s water security system that makes the smart home Technology.

The manufacturer commits the customers to the Limited lifetime warranty, finish warranty, mechanical warranty as well as warranties on the electronic devices. One of the high-end models by Grohe is the concetto kitchen faucet.

7. Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe Faucets

One must not be confused between Grohe and Hansgrohe. Though the names seem to be identical. These two are different companies founded by Hans Grohe in 1901. The German fittings manufacturing company excels in terms of kitchen faucets.

They pay attention to the quality rather than the appearance. The elegant designs of these faucets along with the functionality ensure that they will become a functional product in your kitchen.

Presently, the brand is the largest supplier of hand showers, showerheads, and faucets in the US. Hans Grohe is following the footsteps of Grohe and is now providing its customers with sanitary divisions like kitchen accessories, fittings, bathroom accessories, kitchen faucets, to name a few.

The award-winning company is a remarkable manufacturer of eco-friendly products. Besides, the brand ensures that it does not compromise with the functionality and comfort of its product.

The Eco-friendly faucets will reduce the water flow from 2 GPM to 1.5 GPM that ensures 60% less water than conventional water usage.

8. Jaclo

Jaclo Faucets

Jaclo, the American bathroom and kitchen faucet manufacturing company is a family-owned and renowned one since 1901.

The five-generation company is now working for the achievement of its objectives. It is quite popular in the US in terms of its exclusive line of faucet products.

They will offer different products like plumbing equipment, outdoor and indoor kitchen facilities. The company employs modern technologies and ensures that it will manage the vintage outlook of your kitchen.

It is one of those manufacturers in the US which will give 26 types of body finished products. Its commitment to the functionality and quality of the product lets it stand out. Some quality kitchen faucets are like Contempo single hole and PCH widespread faucets.

9. Chicago Faucet

Chicago Faucets

The comprehensive reviews of the past customers ensure that the Chicago faucet company produces an elegant line of the product. It is not such a renowned one as Moen and Delta or other faucet brands. But recently, this brand is gaining popularity in terms of its quality kitchen faucets and other kitchen fittings.

It is one of the remarkable companies that are working towards making high-end Manual faucets, shower electronic sensor faucets, to name a few.

You will get the products both for residential and commercial purposes. The renowned brand in the US will give you a lifetime warranty.

The plumbing components are reliable in terms of giving you a range of outputs. Some of the best faucets by the company are RC Wall mount faucet, lavatory faucet, gooseneck faucet, to name a few.

10. Vapsint

vapsint faucets

The still single-handle pull-out spray kitchen faucet these days is quite popular, isn’t it? The same goes for when you buy the kitchen faucets from Vapsint. It is a highly recommended brand that produces quality kitchen faucets sinks and other accessories according to the standards of US customs.

It makes the modern stainless steel single handle type of faucets that have the finest Brushed Nickel finishes.

The contemporary designed faucets are now completely accessible for the sink access. They make use of one mechanism for the easy adjustment of the water.

The spray feature is also a strong one that ensures the solid, sturdy, and smooth operation of the faucet. You will get pull-out spray heads that have easy movement.

It has easy to install parts and instructions that will play a major role during installation. The solid brass construction, as well as a heavy-duty spiral spring of the faucet, let them stand out.

They also make use of the 1/2 inches hose connectors. The scientific progress has motivated the brand gradually to make an appearance in the present faucet market. The faucets are designed in a manner that becomes convenient for the user.

What makes us so sure about the brands we have mentioned above?

Before listing the names of the brands for kitchen faucets, we have gone through some of the specifications and consumer reports.

  • First of all, we have considered the point of water consumption. The faucets from these brands have a water flow rate of 8.3 per minute up and down.
  • The spools in these faucets are of the best quality that ensures resistance against corrosion.
  • The faucet size of these brands is also a convenient one for home and commercial use. Each of them has around 180 degrees or 360-degree rotation.
  • The brands pay attention to Environment protection. Each of these brands manufactures products that comply with the United States norms for home drinking water, water quality, and water pipes.
  • The durable faucets from the brands ensure that they undergo high-temperature testing. The conveniently designed faucets do not face blockage due to the accumulation of debris.
  • The nozzles and water phenomena are taken into consideration before listing the names of the brands.
  • Maintenance of these faucets is also an effortless task according to the consumer reports.
  • We are sure about the fact that each of these branded products undergoes a stringent test. There is every test conducted to ensure that they are flexible and have non-blockage properties.

Why Trust Us And Our Reviews?

We have listed the names of the top brands for the best faucet in your kitchen & bathroom. Each of the names we have mentioned above is making a remarkable and competitive presence in the market.

You can look for the products that are listed on the various online stores and will serve your purpose in an adequate way.