How to Remove a Moen Kitchen Faucet – Step-by-step Guide

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People often think that being at home and doing homely jobs is one of the easiest things to do. They often feel that plumbers and electricians who repair the most technical aspects of the home, do a very convenient job. Actually, they don’t know how difficult it is to do such technical tasks so patiently.

How to Remove a Moen Kitchen Faucet

Well, there are many people who love to do various mechanical and technical jobs at home and one such important job is to remove a Moen kitchen faucet. These Moen faucets are very effective but most of the time, they get broken. Once they are broken, it is very essential to either remove them or repair them.

But, in both cases, an individual first needs to remove the faucet. So if you are all set to learn how to remove a Moen kitchen faucet, then read the following mentioned steps:

Careful Measures

Whenever you are looking forward to removing a Moen kitchen faucet, you must understand that if you are doing it for the very first time, it might be a long process and take a lot of your time. Therefore, it would be essential for you to be patient and work with a relaxed mind.

It is a very delicate process and Hence, it should be done with proper concentration and a peaceful mind. Water knobs and pipelines must be closed very carefully otherwise you might rinse off with the heavy flow of water and all your surroundings and cabinets might get overflowed by water.

Therefore, taking care of water pipelines and yourself while working is very important. It would be great if you wear waterproof apparel to safeguard your interest.

Steps to follow to remove a Moen kitchen faucet

Step 1 – Off the Waterline

Whenever you are deciding to start with the process of removing a Moen kitchen faucet, you must make sure that you are closing all the water lines and water knobs carefully.

This is required because if you are not closing the water lines and starting to remove a Moen kitchen faucet, the water would leak heavily and cover up all your flooring and cabinets. It would create a huge mess for you to clean and hence, eventually, you would end up losing your calm and leaving the process in between.

Step 2 – Let the Pipeline Dry

Once you have closed all the water lines, it is time that you leave the pipelines for a while to get dry. As closing the water lines is important, it is equally essential for you to let the pipelines get dry or if there is any water left in the pipelines, clear it off before starting with the actual process.

This is because if the pipelines would contain water, it could make you wet completely while losing the nuts and screws. Therefore, make sure that you are doing this step very effectively.

Step 3- Remove Faucets Handle

Now that you are sure of the pipelines and water lines being closed and secured without any water residues, you are all set to start with the actual process. Lose the nuts of the faucets with the help of wrenches. Once you will lose some crews, you would see the hidden screws which are handled. Loose those screws or nuts very patiently and get the handle removed effectively.

Step 4- Remove Plastics

There are many plastic parts hidden behind the handle. These are the parts in which you would clearly see the fault due to which the faucet was not able to work effectively. Once you remove the handle, check out the major problem that you were gracing, it may be a rubber blast or a leak due to any damage on the part of the faucet, etc. Hold the plastic part with the help of wrenches and pull it out effectively.

Step 5- Remove the Handle mechanism

now that the plastic parts have been removed effectively, it is time to remove the handle mechanism. Make sure that you do this step very carefully because the handle mechanism is that part of the faucet which controls the water in the entire system, therefore, while working, if it gets damaged, it would be a huge loss. So do it very carefully and effectively. The handle mechanism is attached with pairs of screws, so take your screwdriver and lose all the screws and get that handle mechanism removed.

Step 6- Remove the white Ring

Once you remove the handle mechanism, you would be able to see a white ring hiding behind it. It is time to remove that white Ring. Make sure that you remove the ring efficiently and place it in a very safe and secure place. This is because you would need that ring again when you would reattach the faucet. You need to place the ring back at its required place. Therefore, do his step with enough care. Moreover, when you remove the ring, you would find a washer lying behind it, that washer is also required to be removed.

Step 7- Lift the Spout

Now that you are all done with the above-mentioned steps, it is the right time to start with the climax apart. Lift the spit and find the faucet behind it. You can remove the faucet by turning it with the help of a screwdriver until it gets loosened up and the faucet gets removed easily. Once you have got the faucet right in your hand, and you could see no water being split out, then you can be sure that the process has successfully been completed.

Finish Up The Job

So above was the entire process that one can follow in order to remove the Moen kitchen faucet. This process is mentioned step by step in a very easy manner and hence, it is very easy and convenient to understand. Moreover, many plumbers are already using this technique or process and there is no doubt that they are getting huge success while removing Kitchen Faucets.

So what are you looking for? There are various reasons for which you might need to change or remove a faucet. It may happen that you are changing your home or maybe you are getting your home renovated and that is why you might get into a situation where you need to remove the Moen faucet.

Therefore, it is essential to know how one can remove a Moen kitchen. So if you are someone who wishes to learn how to remove a kitchen faucet and is unable to get the right guide, then here is good news for you. We are up with a complete step-by-step guide for removing a Moen kitchen faucet which will help you to learn all the basic steps to remove the faucet effectively and efficiently.

The entire process that we have mentioned above has been used by the professional plumbers and hence, these are the easiest and most efficient steps. If you have taken a decision to remove the Moen kitchen faucet, then it is the right time that you go through the above-mentioned process of how to remove Moen kitchen faucet and do your job effectively. This process would surely give you success in your task and you would be able to do it efficiently and that too in a very short span of time.

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