Kitchen faucets are an integral part of our kitchen. With all the modern equipment and luxurious amenities in our lavish homes, a kitchen without a faucet is nothing less than a joke. The market is full of kitchen faucets of different shapes, sizes, styles, and of course budget. While buying any household tool, we keep in mind the features and how they will sync with our wants, but also equipment that will fit our budget.

There are many facets in the market under different ranges and features. It’s difficult to decide which faucet will be fit for our kitchen after checking off every box on our list, which is why we have compiled a list of faucet features under different budgets.

Read ahead to find out about the features you’ll get under different budgets and search about the kitchen faucets accordingly.

Kitchen Faucets Under $100

Maximum people set a budget of $100 to buy the faucet. There are many options available along with different features. They might look the same, but these faucets under the same budget are distinctly different from each other. Thus, making it even harder to decide. If you’ve also decided on the same budget, you can get many high-end kitchen faucets. The features may vary from each other along with the quality, finishing of product, and performance.

The pull-down hose and sensor-equipped kitchen faucets are available under $100 for you to buy. Look out for on/off mechanism, spout style, length of spray head, and the handle availability. These features are most commonly available in the market and you can spend under $100 to get a decent deal on a fine kitchen faucet.

Kitchen Faucets Under $200

Spend a little more and you’ll have some of the budget-friendly kitchen faucets for your modern kitchen. Under this budget, you need to check the efficiency of the kitchen faucet. Buying a kitchen faucet is aesthetically pleasing as well as well-performing.

Try to check if it’s easy to install and there are faucets under $200 which will last for a long time without you having to worry about the durability of the kitchen faucet. A number of companies sell kitchen faucets under $200 with distinctive features and interesting profiles.

Kitchen Faucets Under $500

A little luxurious for sure, the faucets under $500 are totally different. The sensors will work super fast and they will have a longer spout length which will make the usage definitely easier. With some best units offered by distinctive brands to choose from, you’ll get the value for your money.

The faucet with a variety of features will add more luxury to your kitchen. From chrome to a matte finish, the faucet will make your job easier in the kitchen as well.

Kitchen Faucets Under $1000

If you can spend a high amount, you can get the best from the market. The faucets showed by magazines and show where water comes out of the faucet with such serenity that it will remind you of the serenity of a water stream. The spout can rotate for 360 degrees and there will be two handles, one on each side to suit both left and right-handed people.

They can be run by batteries and there will be a water filtration system provided which will give you pure and clean water.


So these were a distinct quality and features and points which will help you to buy the kitchen faucets under different ranges such as $100, $200, $500 and $ 1000. Buy the kitchen faucet with high-end features under your budget and make your kitchen modern.

So if you know the exact price range of a kitchen faucet you want to buy, I believe these price categories can be great to look under.